Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not Lucy...It's Frances Fisher!

I Love Lucy, who doesn't? So I was thrilled to work with Frances Fisher and Mo Gaffney recently recreating "Lucy and Viv" from the 70's "Lucy Show". Frances has a face that lends itself to this look. She even played her in a tv film in the early 90's.

I began with a light application of Cle de Peau foundation in B10 applied with a Chanel foundation brush. Raised eyebrows are Lucy's signature so I used Lancome eyebrow pencil in "Chataigne". Fab for redheads!

Dense black Andrea lashes paired with MAC gel eyeliner in 'blacktrack" created her wide open eyed look. Subtle sculpting with highlight and
shadow carved out her familiar cheekbones.

Lucy's famous overdrawn lips had to be handled deftly so they didn't over power Frances' delicate features.
I used a combo of Chanel "Ruse" and Revlon "Hot Coral" lipsticks.

It was an amazing day at times we would look at each other and just say "Scary!"

Monday, January 7, 2008

Big Guns for the Red Carpet!

Wishing you all of life's blessing in this New Year.
In December I took a whirlwind trip to London for the British Comedy Awards.
I probably spent as much time in the air as I did on the ground but it was a fun and furious trip.
Here is my friend and client Jennifer Coolidge arriving at the event.
To help erase the vestiges of travel we used Angels Makeup Collagen
These collagen patches are the BIG GUNS for the red carpet! You place under the eyes with the enclosed serum and voila, reduced puffiness and smoothed under eye area.
I don't often state this but...I swear by Angels Makeup Collagen Treatments as my makeup application is truly enhanced by the prettier canvas.